Frequently Asked Questions about EZPay

What is EZPay?
EZPay is a payment system that allows fundraising groups to accept money from supporters using a credit card instead of cash or checks. Have you ever gotten a 'No' because someone didn't have cash or a check? Almost everyone carries a credit card. When someone using a credit card checks out with your EZPay code, your fundraising group earns an immediate credit to your account for 100% of the amount charged.
What is an EZPay code?
The EZPay code is a unique identifier to each fundraising group. This identifier how a payment gets matched up to the right fundraising group. The code will be 2-8 numbers long.
What if I do not have an EZPay Code?
You can still check out using EZPay. Instead, fill in the Group Name and Seller Name fields. Attractions will look up the right group number for you when we process orders. Your intended group will get a credit notification once your order is manually matched up, typically in 1-3 business days. If we cannot figure out who you intended to get credit, we will contact you for clarification.
Where do I find my EZPay code?
  • It may be written on a large white envelope the book arrived in.
  • Look for an email or letter the fundraising group sent out.
  • Ask the fundraising group contact or seller.
  • Call Attractions at 800-897-1004 during business hours.
  • Group Leaders: Visit the fundraising portal and look in the EZPay section.
When do I get my books?
If you don't already have your order, it will be delivered by your fundraising group immediately after their next fill date. The members of the fundraising group will spend 1-2 weeks collecting orders. Once they turn in all their orders, they have a fill date where individual members pick up the books needed to fill their orders. Your order should arrive shortly after the fill date. EZPay orders are not shipped from Attractions. If your book is overdue, please contact your seller first.
How will I know my group got credit?
If you provide your email address, we will send you an order confirmation by email, listing the group that receives credit. We can also send a confirmation email to the child, student, or group member who sold you the book, if you provide their email address. The fundraising chair will also be notified by email when your order finishes processing. (Note that if you check out without an EZPay code, there will be a delay in processing.) In addition, Attractions provides a continuously updated spread sheet to the fundraising chair, listing all the books purchased through EZPay. Finally, every account statement to your fundraising group will list your purchase as a credit.
How do I look up my Confirmation Code?
If you did not receive a confirmation code when you purchased your book, you can look up information about your order on the EZPay Confirmation Lookup page.
Why can I only buy certain editions with EZPay?
EZPay will allow you to choose only from editions the group has on hand. This makes sure you get your book in a timely manner, instead of waiting for an out of stock product. If you need a different edition but still want your group to get credit, you can order from Attractions regular order page, and Attractions will ship the book directly to you. Your group will get a partial credit from the sale, due to additional costs such as postage, packing, etc.
How will my order be delivered?
Some groups will have books to give you immediately, so you may already have your book when you check out. But for most groups, your books will be delivered by the seller at a later date, or another member of the fundraising group will bring it to you.
Group Leaders How do I make sure our group got credit for an order?
Attractions will try and send you a confirmation email with every order. Messages are sometimes marked as spam before they reach you, meaning they will not arrive or go into your spam folder. The best way to check is to login to the fundraising portal and click "View Online Sales." This will be a complete and organized list of all your EZPay credits.

Sometimes a supporter places an order without your EZPay code, and types in your group name instead. They may tell you they placed an order, but it does not yet appear in your online portal. Orders without an EZPay code take additional processing time, until the order can be matched up with your group by Attractions. This may take 1-3 business days.

If you still think an order is missing, please have the supporter forward you their confirmation email, or have the person's name, confirmation code, and approximate date of the order ready when calling Attractions.
Group Leaders How do I track the orders?
In addition to the email confirmations to the group leader, the fundraising portal has a complete listing of current activity. Your invoices will also have a special page devoted just to EZPay listing all the sellers, their homeroom, what books they bought, etc.
Group Leaders How do I know who needs books on fill dates?
Either using the fundraising portal, or the EZPay worksheet of a current invoice, each EZPay transaction will list the delivery status. A "Yes" means that purchaser already has their books, and a "No" means that person still needs their books to be delivered.
Group Leaders How do I check off deliveries?
After a fill date, visit the fundraising portal and choose "View Online Sales." Each completed delivery can be checked off by you as they are made. Your future invoices will show these orders will already filled.
Group Leaders How can I make sure the right student gets credit for a sale?
Yes, this optional setting is found in the fundraising portal. For medium and large fundraising groups, we recommend using this setting to help track which sellers sold their books using EZPay.
Group Leaders Can I require the homeroom?
Yes, this optional setting is found in the fundraising portal. For large groups, we recommend using this setting so that books can be routed easily to the right homeroom and student on fill dates.
Group Leaders How do I change the custom message to our supporters?
This optional setting in the fundraising portal. If you enter a message, we will display it each time someone begins to checkout using your EZPay code.
Group Leaders How can I make sure my supporters know my EZpay code?
You can download EZPay slips to distribute to your members. This color PDF is available in the fundraising portal. Each sheet of six slips will be pre-filled with your EZPay code and group name, with room for sellers hand write their names in. If you entered what you were raising funds for, we will try to fill that info in too.
Group Leaders How can I share my EZPay code with supporters?
If your group is using take-home envelopes, write the code on each seller's envelope. Attractions also offers code slips you can print out with your code filled in. The fundraising portal has pre-formatted links you can email or post on your website or blog.
Group Leaders What are EZPay keywords?
A group leader can choose a keyword to use instead of their EZPay code. Literally, its a word of the group leader's choosing, instead of a number. When a supporter checks out with EZPay, Online Sales or Loyalty Rewards transaction, credit is linked to your group using the keyword, instead of the EZPay code number. Keywords are available in a first-come, first serve basis. And once its yours, you get to keep it year-to-year.
Group Leaders How is the EZPay keyword set?
Group leaders can sign in to their fundraising account on It is one of the settings available under "EZPay Settings." Attractions service representative can also assist over the phone.
Group Leaders Can the EZPay keyword be changed?
Yes, the group leader can change the keyword to a new available word of their choosing. However, it is not recommended to change the keyword if the group's supporters might still try using the old one.
Group Leaders Will the EZPay code still work once an EZPay keyword is set?
Yes, both the code and the keyword can be used during check-out to guarantee the right group receives credit.